What is Putlocker and How Does it Work

The entertainment industry has evolved with time and technology. At the same time, so has the piracy world. It evident in the way people vigorously search for websites that offer free movies and TV-shows. People have moved from theatres, multiplexes to watching web series and other movies offered online by some of the online partners. Well, all they need is an internet connection and a subscription to watch their favourite movie or web series.

People who find these online partners to be cutting down on their pockets rely on sites that offer newly released movies but in a lower quality. There are various sites as such and to name the one that created a terror is PutLocker. Yes, the website originated in the UK with millions of users per day.
It was ranked as the most visited website. PutLocker has its domain address changed several times or should we say that several others tried to mirror or provide a proxy for the website. But what is still a question is that if there’s still the original website alive. People are never at a loss when it comes to websites as such. Such websites never cease to form. There are 123movie and fmovies that as well as work the same way as Putlocker.

When you consider the entertainment industry, they are at a great loss for the time and amount invested. When you consider the people, it is obvious that they would look for means to evade the cost of each movie, TV-show, or a subscription would demand.

There are many attempts to stop such sites, but as long as technology is at the supreme power, one can only ban such sites rather than completely stopping such activities.

There questions that arise when one gets intrigued by the way they show the new movies before it releases in theatres.

  1. How does it work?
  2. Is it illegal by the way?
  3. Will I be charged for viewing such pirated movies or will they know if I am viewing?
  4. Who can stop all this?

Getting a gist of all this in a few sentences, let us begin with: How does it work? Well, when you check the websites hosting pirated movies, you click on the play button and that navigates to another pop-up window, which was retrieved by a secondary server holding the streamed content. So this streamed content though is illegal for the website hosting it, for the viewers, it is not considered illegal and they are safe from all the chaos.