Dark Shadows Shines Again

Dark Shadows was a beloved and unique television soap opera that has endured more than thirty years. The show premiered on June 27, 1966 and was set in the fictional, spooky town of Collinsport, Maine. The main character was a vampire named Barnabas Collins, mistakenly released by a grave-robber who got more than he intended when he opened the coffin. You can watch that tv-show on 123 Movies new site 123Movies unblocked.

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Barnabas had been cursed by a beautiful witch when he did not return her affections, and now was doomed to forever wander alone and forsaken. When “resurrected”, he returned to his home of Collinswood only to discover centuries had passed. The people living there were actually his descendents, so Barnabas pretended to be an unknown cousin from England.

He moved right into the mansion and proceeded to fight his desire to pierce the throats of lovely young women who managed to find their way to this isolated coastal village. The family feuds drew his ire and Barnabas imposed punishment in his own inimitable way. Yet he was tender in his love and longing for his own lost true love, Josette.

As the series progressed, other dark creatures visited the show. These included a teenage werewolf, many witches (all beautiful), Barnabas’ old nemesis, zombies and a score of odd monsters. Time travel and parallel universes were introduced while other characters were added as the show found its audience and footing.

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Some of the actors in Dark Shadows included:
Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins, the vampire. Alexandra Moltke as Victoria Winters, the orphan who picked the wrong place to work. Joan Bennett as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, a woman with agoraphobia. Louis Edmonds as Roger Collins, Elizabeth’s brother.

The show garnered a huge cult following before, and after, its five year run ended in 1971. Famous personalities such as Madonna, Tim Burton and other celebrities have gone on record as being devoted fans of the series. It remains a beloved classic even today and a new movie is soon to be released based on Dark Shadows. The new film is directed by the unique and creative Tim Burton.

Johnny Depp also loves the show and has signed on to play Barnabas the vampire. Other talented actors include:
Helena Bonham Carter as Dr. Julia Hoffman Michelle Pfeiffer as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard Eva Green as Angelique Bouchard Alice Cooper as himself Jonathan Frid (in a special ending credits appearance)

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp promise to make Dark Shadows the most entertaining, dark, campy and fun movie of the year. These talented men create magic on the screen and we shall certainly see lots of that when the film premiers on May 11, 2012.

I am “dying” to see this movie! Won’t you join me?