A 5 Step Guide to Writing Effective Film Reviews

Movie reviews are probably one of the most visited areas on the Internet. I know that I visit the reviews written of the movie I’m about to see before I go see it. Unfortunately, many of these reviews are completely unsatisfactory. As an avid movie buff as well as someone who participates in “The Business”, I present to you:
Candice’s Five Step Guide to Writing Movie Reviews

STEP ONE: Don’t Sell Yourself Short
Okay, maybe I should say “Don’t sell your review short.” There are way too many movie reviews on here that are just one paragraph long. While you can say a lot about a movie in one paragraph, you simply can’t say enough. Try to touch on as many points as you possibly can. Don’t be afraid to go into detail.

STEP TWO: Be Objective
Just because your favorite actor is in the movie doesn’t mean that the movie is fabulous. For example, I absolutely love Sean Connery. However, I would have rather stabbed myself in the neck with a number two pencil than watch him in The Avengers. (Which I saw and hated.) It works the other way, too. Just because you hate an actor doesn’t mean that the movie is going to suck. For example, I can’t stand Monica Potter. However, I love the movies Con Air and Patch Adams. Also, if an actor is incredibly gorgeous, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to be awesome in the movie. And, if they’re unattractive, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to suck.

STEP THREE: Don’t Tell The Whole Plot…
…but do tell some. Movies, unless a remake like Sabrina or House on Haunted Hill, have relatively new plotlines with major twists and turns. I am in the rare population that likes to know the entire movie before going to see it– including the ending. My best friend, Dionne, hates that. (I, on the other hand, don’t.) Realize that a lot of people hate this. Have respect for them, and don’t give away the ending. Don’t even tell all of the plot. However, you should tell enough to spark interest in your readers that they want to see the movie.

STEP FOUR: Don’t Just Give Your Opinion
Yes, a review contains quite a bit of your opinion. However, I don’t want to read a review that just says, “YOU GOTTA SEE THIS MOVIE!!!! Tom Cruise is such a hottie! You’ll be drooling the entire time!” Okay, no. We all know Tom Cruise is a hottie. But, what does he do in this movie? What is the movie about? How long is it? Thing is again, fellow movie-goers, GIVE DETAILS!!! I just can’t say this enough.

STEP FIVE: Movies Don’t Just Contain Actors, Ya Know.
Please, please, PLEASE don’t just talk about the actors. Let your readers know about the stunts, the direction, the scenery, the costumes, and the script. I mean, you can be a regular Academy Awards if you put your mind to it. Your readers are reading your review for a reason. Don’t sell them short.

I hope this little guide helped you out some. Take care, and I’ll see you at the movies!